The Flower Forum – Week One

The first sign of spring in my yard - Snowdrops!

Say “spring” and folks in Northern Ohio groan. Spring along the shores of Lake Erie comes slowly. Nevertheless, my bulbs are making a valiant attempt to push through the cold ground and winter debris.The snowdrops are blooming, and I see signs of tulips and daffodils. The hyacinths are a little slower despite their position under the furnace’s vent pipe. They get a little extra heat all winter, but since they’re my favorite, they get preferential placement.

Come back next week for an update on what’s making an appearance in the garden.

Winner on the Haunted Garden Hop – Tricia Schneider

Congratulations to Tricia for winning my newest novel, Ellen Takes Troy, and a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate. Thank you to everyone who left comments. Glad I’m not the only one with a haunted house. Sorry I’m a day late posting the winner, but Hurricane Sandy dropped a tree in my backyard taking down the powerline. We went without power for a few days, which made me really appreciate light and heat.

Haunts and Houses on the Wild Rose Haunted Garden Hop

A WWII Vintage Romance in Beautiful St. Augustine, Florida

Haunts and Houses

I like old places. They have history, character, and maybe a ghost or two. When I took the tour of the famous Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, where my latest novel is set, I was hoping for more than a lecture on art and architecture. I wanted some stories of former residents who had moved on from this world, but lingered in spirit. Sadly, the serious minded guide, who knew tons about the history of the building, was mum on the subject of ghosts.

Ghost don’t bother me since I live in a haunted house. In the ten years we’ve owned the old place, we’ve had our share of experiences. Finding all the kitchen cabinets standing open in the morning is a common occurrence. We simply shut the doors and make coffee. Toys that turn on and play by themselves – old news. Sighting the four feet tall black mass that moves down the stairs and across the living room is so common it’s like putting on socks.

Our exterminator got a scare one day last fall. He was upstairs in my son’s room after the kids left for school. He came down to me and reported that one of the kids was skipping. The wayward child was hiding out and playing with cars.  I smiled and said, “That’s the ghost.” The man turned the color of a ghost pumpkin and mumbled, “I hate these old houses.” He still refuses to climb the stairs without an escort.

Generally, our ghost behaves himself. We’ve had a few incidents of items flying across the room and nights when he tries to wake us up continuously. We can live with that. I like the character, the chance for adventure, and the great ghost stories. Leave a comment about your favorite ghost story or a haunted house in your area for a chance to win a copy of my latest novel, Ellen Takes Troy, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

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Summer’s drawing to an end – Oh no!

August and the dreaded back to school season rolls around. I have many more words to write in the next few weeks and several books to read before the end of the relaxing season. I’m currently working on a Victorian Era Romance about a dressmaker. The novel is tentatively called Lady Annabelle’s Finery. I’m busy creating all sorts of trouble for my characters. So much fun!

Spring Break with Blue Bottle Beach

 It’s Spring Break time here in Ohio. Although I’m not heading south this year, I’m comforting myself with a beachy read. If your mind  conjures up images of sandy beaches, palm trees, and frozen beverages when you hear the words “Spring Break”, you might want to try out Amie Denman’s Blue Bottle Beach. The novel starts out in the steamy heat of Key West, FL with some steamy heat of its own.  It’s guaranteed to keep you warm even on a blustery day near the Great Lakes. At only $2.99, Blue Bottle Beach is an inexpensive way to add some sunshine to Spring Break.

New Releases from Desert Breeze Publishing.

by Lynette EndicottPlease join me in celebrating the release of my Regency Romance, Enchanted by a Lily, and Lynette Endicott’s contemporary romance, More Than a Job.

More Than a Job by Lynette Endicott

When Paige Hamilton is fired from her 10-year career, it is Josh Robinson who helps her pick up the pieces. A team of family members and friends walk with her as she starts a journey to a new life. All that is threatened when she learns who Joshua really is and blames him for a life-threatening injury to a close friend.

Enchanted by a Lily by May Williams

Lord Weston Haverford cannot help but be enchanted by florist Lily Emerson, but his position in the ton plants her out of his reach. When her secret strength and surprising secrets finally unfurl, how can he resist sweet surrender?

Monday’s the big day

Amie Denman’s book with Carina launches on Monday. The contemporary romantic suspense novel is called Her Lucky Catch. Don’t miss it. You’ll laugh along with Jazz as she figures out who the bad guy is and catches a hottie fireman for herself.

Historicals or Contemporaries?

I can never decide which I like writing more or which I like reading more. I spent the fall both reading and writing contemporary romances. Now, I’m writing one and reading two historicals. And while we’re talking about historical romances, what time period? I can’t turn down a good regency, but I love WWII romances. Leave a comment about your favorite time period.

Mid-Summer Madness

It’s nearing the middle of July and the little town I live in just had its annual festival. It’s four days of fireworks, junk fook, rides, boats, and people. We live near the festival location and it is people watching at its best.