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Haunts and Houses on the Wild Rose Haunted Garden Hop

A WWII Vintage Romance in Beautiful St. Augustine, Florida

Haunts and Houses

I like old places. They have history, character, and maybe a ghost or two. When I took the tour of the famous Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, where my latest novel is set, I was hoping for more than a lecture on art and architecture. I wanted some stories of former residents who had moved on from this world, but lingered in spirit. Sadly, the serious minded guide, who knew tons about the history of the building, was mum on the subject of ghosts.

Ghost don’t bother me since I live in a haunted house. In the ten years we’ve owned the old place, we’ve had our share of experiences. Finding all the kitchen cabinets standing open in the morning is a common occurrence. We simply shut the doors and make coffee. Toys that turn on and play by themselves – old news. Sighting the four feet tall black mass that moves down the stairs and across the living room is so common it’s like putting on socks.

Our exterminator got a scare one day last fall. He was upstairs in my son’s room after the kids left for school. He came down to me and reported that one of the kids was skipping. The wayward child was hiding out and playing with cars.  I smiled and said, “That’s the ghost.” The man turned the color of a ghost pumpkin and mumbled, “I hate these old houses.” He still refuses to climb the stairs without an escort.

Generally, our ghost behaves himself. We’ve had a few incidents of items flying across the room and nights when he tries to wake us up continuously. We can live with that. I like the character, the chance for adventure, and the great ghost stories. Leave a comment about your favorite ghost story or a haunted house in your area for a chance to win a copy of my latest novel, Ellen Takes Troy, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

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